Ballard Realty: The Ideal Seattle Property Management Firm for Property Needs

The need for a property management firm becomes necessary when property owners and investors fail to manage their properties on their own. In case of multiple properties or lesser time as well, hiring a Seattle Property Management firm seems like the only possible solution. Especially people who don’t like to deal with lots of people altogether should prefer hiring a property management firm in Seattle. One firm that can be trusted with property management needs is Ballard Realty.

Ballard Realty is a family-based property management firm in Seattle that is reliable and trustworthy. It is one of the leading property management firms that offer services for management of condos, multifamily properties, homes, and town homes. Situated in the heart of Ballard, this property management company has been serving the Greater Seattle region since 1973. The company adds its own magical touch to all the management services and makes it a memorable experience for one and all. The Seattle Property Management firm treats all the properties like its own.

With its 40 years of professional experience and great attention to detail, Ballard offers its services to property investors, owners, and real estate agents. The efficient team of property managers and contractors, the company aims to preserve the value of the properties and keep them maintained over a long period of time. There are a lot of advantages of dealing with a Property Management Seattle firm which includes collection of rent in a timely manner, inspecting properties properly, maintaining and repairing properties well in time, and dealing with the tenants.

Seattle Property Management

Seattle Property Management

Dealing with the tenants is one aspect of property management that needs the major deal of attention. If only the properties are going to remain filled over the period of time, free flow of profits can be expected. And when tenants would choose to stay in properties for a longer time, returns as well as profits would increase. The professionals of Ballard will maintain great relations with the tenants all round the time and would make sure that they choose to stay for a long time. Whenever the tenants raise any issue related to maintenance or repair, the professionals of the Seattle Property Management firm would take an action right away.

All maintenance and repair issues are dealt well in time by the property managers who employ their efficient contractors instantly. The company has a team of contractor and vendors which includes HVAC professionals, electricians, plumbers, roofers, and painters. These professionals are available 24×7 to deal with maintenance related issues. Moreover, property inspections are conducted from time to time to make sure that tenants are taking good care of the properties or not. If any maintenance issue is noticed, the professionals take an immediate action and get the issue resolved.

Apart from this, Ballard Realty makes it a point to collect rents in a timely manner from the tenants each month. If in case the tenant fails to pay the rent in time, the property managers impose late fee on them. And if the tenants just don’t pay the rent at all, then evictions are carried out in a hassle-free manner.

Seattle Property Management

If you choose to deal with this Seattle Property Management firm, you will be at an ease as for all the emergency cases, you wouldn’t have to be bothered. All emergency cases would be handled by the property managers of the firm. Whether there is any 3am problem or flood in the property, the company would take care of it. All-in-all, you won’t have to worry about taking calls in the odd hours.

Another important aspect with which Ballard Realty could help you with is selection of the right kind of tenants for your rental units. The company would make sure that only the best kinds of tenants are chosen for your properties. For the same, they would conduct background, credit, and employment checks on the tenants before placing them inside the units. The professionals would also contact a few references of tenants (previous landlords) who could provide unbiased feedback about the tenant.

So without any hesitation, you can choose to deal with Ballard Realty. This Seattle Property Management firm would offer all its services at the most cost-effective rates to you. Moreover, it offers you the ease to check all information on the online portal, thus making things effortless and easy to manage.

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