Encinitas Property Management: What to Look For

Whether you are a real estate investor with multiple properties or a new landlord who isn’t sure how to do things, finding an Encinitas property management company you can trust is essential. The best way to protect your investment and your financial interests is to use a qualified, experienced and professional property manager. There are lots of companies on the market in Encinitas and there are several specific things you should look for when choosing the right Encinitas¬†¬†property management company for you.

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Start with reputation. Your property manager should be well-respected within your community. You want to work with someone who is established and local. Using a property manager who isn’t local to Encinitas isn’t a good idea. You want the person responsible for your property to be within an easy drive of it. There might be late night emergencies that require the property manager to be at the house, and when potential tenants want to see the place, you want to make sure your property manager will be on site within minutes. Ask for referrals from friends, colleagues and family members you trust. Read reviews online and get an idea of how a potential property manager does business.


Look for thorough tenant screening. Getting a high quality tenant in place is the best way to succeed as a landlord. You don’t want someone who is going to cut corners when it comes to screening tenants. Work with an Encinitas property management company that has a process in place. This should include conducting a criminal background check that is nationwide, running a thorough credit check, digging through eviction reports, verifying employment and income and collecting a few references from past landlords. One of the best reasons to work with a property manager is tenant screening, so make sure you find someone who takes that part of the job very seriously.


Strategic and aggressive marketing is also important in an Encinitas property management company. When you have a home available for rent, you want to be assured your property manager is going to get it rented out quickly. Vacancies will only cost you money. A good property manager will list the rental on a variety of websites that will give your home maximum exposure. The best way to get a high quality tenant is by attracting a large pool of high quality applicants. Make sure your property management company gets your property the exposure it needs so that potential renters can find it easily.


An understanding of landlord/tenant law is not negotiable when it comes to choosing your property manager. Your Encinitas property management company should be able to draw up a legally enforceable lease that will hold up in court. You want your property manager to understand security deposits and what is required for Fair Housing laws. Unless you have the time to gain a detailed understanding of real estate law, you want to make sure you’re working with a professional who can stay one step ahead of all legal requirements.


Ongoing property management should include regular inspections, responding to maintenance issues and handling the payment of rent. When you look for a property manager, ask about what systems are in place to keep everything moving smoothly. There should be a way to electronically collect rent from tenants and immediately pay you, the property owner. There should be a policy in place for how to handle late rent and repair requests. If an eviction becomes necessary, you want to make sure you are protected and well-positioned to make a legal case.


When it comes to understanding Encinitas property management, you need a professional who understands landlords as well as tenants. The best way to keep your property in good shape is to hire a property manager who understands the job and has a track record of performing it well. Find a management company that is well-respected and has the capacity to take care of your rental property.

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